Wednesday, April 21, 2010

how to be goth in 4 easy steps

First, you must find a girl gang to roll with. This is the most important becasue if anyone tries to question how goth you are there will with 5 other goth girls to spit and rub vag blood all over the disbeliever.

Second you must all dress in black, preferably skanky black lingerie so everyone can see your Orgy tattoo and awesome sub-dermal piercings.

Third you need to be ironic and cover yourself in religious memorabilia becasue being goth is all about irony, it makes you seem mysterious

fourth spackle your face with as much black makeup as possible

End result

Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy Bee

WHEW! Midterms are over, spring break is upon me! I'll get around to making an actual post later.

It's obvz I love the sf bay area, right?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Girl In The Garage

Behind the screen:
My name is Holly, I'm a 23 year old gal living in Monterey, Ca. I have a 3 year old daughter and we live in a one bedroom apartment that is attached to a garage. I've been a hairdresser at a little salon on the beach since 2008, but am a returning college student as of spring 2010. I'm majoring in business marketing and am hoping to transfer to a larger school in 2011. I have lots of likes and dislikes and the more you read this blog of mine you will soon come to find what many of them are. This blog will not focus on one genre specifically, my hopes are to share my experiences and personal thoughts as they pertain to me.

Artsy Fartsy

I've been on this 'arts and crafts' marathon for the past few weeks, whether it is building and painting shelves, painting on canvas/wood, creating frames out of found objects or plain old collaging. My creative spirit tends to sparkle than fade rather quickly but this time around it seems to be hanging on for the long ride.

miss sixty pea coast and unwashed hair

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I don't care how many senseless law suits you file, I still love you bb.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Up The Punx

What is going on here?
I understand that style changes all the time, I GET THIS, but when did ripping off punk bands that you know nothing about become cool? Growing up it was very uncool to wear studded jackets with painted on band logos. Totally bums me out because GaGa has some really great dance tunes.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Plan

Have you ever woken up in morning to find you have "a plan" for the future? Does it scare the shit out of you? This has happened to me, and I was terrified. Yes, thinking about being a "grown up" scares me to death. I've always been the type of person to just go with the flow, traveled around after high school not caring about what I did or where I ended up. Now I find myself thinking about my future, making money, stability, and going to a university after city college. Don't get me wrong bloggers, I absolutely do not wish to get caught up in corporate bullshit and end up living a mediocre life. I want to have paid vacations, sick days, the ability to transfer to a new city, all these things that most people take for granted. I have never had it, and I want it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Santa Cruisin'

This weekend I headed up to Santa Cruz to hang out with my friend and fellow blogger Erin of Little Shorts. She and her roommates were having a party with an "extinction" theme. Erin decided to dress up as "The American Dream" and I was sans costume for the evening.

That's me on the left. The whole outfit is thrifted with the exception of the Vans and the tights.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

Aeroplane Over The Sea

Carmel Beach, taken with an Iphone just hours after the California cost recieved a tsunami warning.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday window shopping

For the past 2 weeks I've been redecorating my one bedroom apartment. I get most of my nic-nacs and furniture from various thrift stores but here is a quick list of a few items that have been plaguing my mind as of late.

Being the owner of an orange couch is a huge dream of mine! I don't plan on buying a brand new couch for a while, but an orange couch cover is in my near future.(

Danish modern record cabinet(

My towels will look so luxurious hanging on this chandelier style hook. (

Nothing would accentuate my newly sewn curtains more than antique white daisy curtain hooks.(

Friday, February 26, 2010

So Obsessed

I've been wearing black circle skirts (with or without pleating) all over the place. I love that you can wear them with practically anything and can be dressed up or down at the drop of a hat. They're definitely my favorite basic for winter and I don't see my love for them slowing down anytime soon.

Never before have I been an advocate for natural color or styled hair. Growing up I always changed my hair style and color, but for some reason, I am dieing over long natural, untouched locks. I can't wait for my hair color (chocolate brown) to fade out so my mousy brown can shine through and my natural happy healthy hair will be all I'm left with!

I've been wearing candy apple red lipstick since I was 14 years old, same shade, different brands. This is the first time I've been attracted to such a dark, dare I say Gothic shade. I've been wearing Bordoux By Rimmel almost every day for the month of Feb. and have never gotten so many compliments on a lip shade before! And at 4.50 a tube how could you not love it?

On a final note, scrunched socks? I DIE!


I haven't been very happy with the direction my blog has headed so a little re-vamping is in order! My vision for this blog is so much more than daily outfit posts and gabbing about nail polish. Now don't get me wrong, I love both of those things, but my life encompasses so much more than that! I'm going to be writing about more subjects such as food, zines, home decor, records, nature, crafts, etc... Everything that makes me, well me. Be on the look out for a brand new well rounded blog that denotes the new girl I've become in my mid-20's.